A woman was just casually doing her preparation for the hurricane when she spotted a very skinny white dog across the street. She called the dog, and it cautiously walked towards her. The dog even looked on both ways before it started crossing. It’s a smart dog!

The dog allowed the woman to pet her, but it still looked nervous, especially upon hearing loud noises or seeing fast movements. The woman decided to give her some food and water because she seemed very hungry. To the woman’s surprise, the dog finished two cups of water and three bowls of food! Guess the dog is starving.

The dog patiently waits outside whenever she enters the house. She became snuggly after the woman fed her. The dog drags her arm once she stops petting her.



The woman was scared for the dog because of the coming storm. So she asked the poor pup if she wanted to come in. She looked hesitant but decided to trot inside anyway.

The woman got the chance to take a closer look at the dog. That’s when she realized that she was very smelly and her ears have large mat behind them. The dog seemed to have accidentally sat on a tar too.

The dog was very cautious whenever the woman would touch her body. She gave the dog a bath, which didn’t go easy but was still a success. She shaved the dog’s fur to remove all the dirt and mat behind her ears.

The woman also brought the dog to the vet to get her checked. They found out that it was a husky mix and about less than a year old.  She decided to post on social media hoping that her owner could reach her. But the woman was just scammed by different people.

After some time, the woman managed to find the dog’s former owner. However, they lost their apartment. They couldn’t take the dog with them when they left. They gave the dog to a couple thinking that they would take good care of her. The new owner gave the dog away too.

The woman found a girl saying that it was her boyfriend’s dog for a while. However, he couldn’t keep her, so they left the dog on the side of a road. After all the different deliberations and offers from dog lovers to adopt the dog, the woman finally decided to keep her.

The dog is so loving and affectionate, so she makes an excellent addition to their family. They named her Amaterasu or Amy for short, and the dog seems to love it.

Credit: Creepyworld

Thanks to Amiawifeorasword of imgur for sharing this story.



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