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Most of us, especially the pet owners amongst us always have that special thing, or general stuffs that we do really cherish. For your dog, the unchallenged best human companion, losing them in any form can be very painful.

A real nightmarish experience. And no one wants to go through that agony. Its more like losing a very closed one. The behavior of these lovely pets of ours can be very unpredictable. And even when giving the best possible care, they may from time to time attempt escapes.

Especially at the initial stage of forming bonds with them. And when this happens, there is no need to get all anxious and panicky. There is always something that can be done about such dire situations. And this now highlights the importance of this compilation.


We all basically love our pets. And as said earlier, we mostly can’t do without these lovely creatures. But due to many unplanned factors, some of our dogs do have a very hard time staying within the beautiful enclosure we have provided them.

We are talking about your cozy and well lighted home, and your spacious and lush yard. And defying all logics, they do tend to follow their natural instincts and sometimes without you looking, they bolt out the door.  And if you are terrified about this happening, I had advice you to pay strict attention to this article.

We present to you a line of possible actions you can surely take and with proven results, when your dog escapes. According to foremost dog websites such as the, or readers have complained of their very sweet pets escaping many times than they can count.

They of course point out the fact that these pets are very sweet ones and so they can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that as sweet as these pets are, and as comfortable as the environment provided may seem, their beloved pets still bolt out from time to time.

Here, are brief elucidations of the steps to take when your beloved and cherished pet escapes. These many ways to save yourself the unnecessary heartache and pain. And not to mention the many calories of energy expended and time wasted in chasing your pet down the street. We have also always heard of the saying prevention is better than cure. This is very true in this scenario and the very best way to prevent your dog from escaping is to of course prevent any escape from taking place in the first place. These small hacks include;


This is a very simple to execute and yet very effective method of preventing your dog from escaping.  Keeping your door shut helps. And no matter how well your dog is trained, an open door may be much of a temptation. And even in situations where your dog stays in about 99% of the time, it still requires a whole lot of effort the remaining 1%. So it is only ideal you keep those doors shut most of the time.


This is another very effective method. Teaching your dog the very important commands, helps a lot. And one should also make sure to use those commands. Showing those commands that ensure they stay put. And accompanying these command display with tasty treats, works wonders. And as one of our readers opined, showing her dog her hand and placing them on the ground flat, showing her puppy to stay put has helped over time to convince her little puppy to stay around and that decision is surely in her best interest.


Bribery or bribing your beloved pet has been known to work wonders over time.  As pertaining to when your dog escapes, do not run after it everywhere, as this has been known to be very ineffective.

Instead get one of its favorite meals and bring it with you outside. And this also needs to be big enough so the dog can see it. Then afterwards, waving the treat around and try to make an impression on the dog.

This has over time been known to change the game very quickly.

At this juncture, it is highly important to note that some dogs are very smart breeds. And even in a properly fenced environment with gates and all, some dogs have known to open gates.

And so it is highly essential to understand your dog’s behavior and potential motivations for escape so as to know how best to prepare for these unplanned events.

4. The last method of preventing dog escapes is to fully reassess your fencing needs and properly evaluate your environment from time to time.

So it is essential for you our highly esteemed reader to get back to us with all your feedbacks.

And we would of course take time to answer all of them and give you the best advices possible on how to keep our beloved fur babies in check.






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