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Accompanying our precious fur babies, this winter can come with many intricacies. And can come with many unexplained issues. There is a risk of many unpredictable events happening. So with walking your able companion this very cold winter, should be done with tact.

And this is also not a question of if your beloved pet dog, loves to get outside and revel in the cold environment, or mainly prefers to snuggle up indoors, fully draped in warm clothing.

They need to be fully protected during cold winter walks. And for this purpose, this article has been written to bring to your awareness, very useful and productive tips to keep your pet safe in this kind of environment.


My highly distinguished reader should actively read with me, as I explain these useful tips as we go. They include;


This may of course seem obvious. As of course, it is only normal to make sure you and your dog is properly bundled up before taking those random walks in the winter. But it has been realized, that being properly dressed for the cold weather is much more than just the comfort, it also involves, your safety. No matter how high or cold the temperature, always make sure you are properly dressed for the safety of you and your dog. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that it won’t slip and slide on ice and the snow.  Make sure you keep your hands warm with mittens and gloves so you also do not lose your grip on the leash of your dog. Always remember, keeping your dog warm should also involve keeping yourself warm.


Though, your dog’s paws are pretty amazing and nice to caress and handle.  They are still not immune to the biting cold and they must be protected at all cost. And this also involve protection from other potential dangers like ice, snow, salts, ice melting chemicals, and sharp objects hidden beneath the snow. To make your dog tolerate this condition, one needs to engage the dog in intense and periodic training. And the very best winter walking defense, is the use of a pair of WATER RESISTANT BOOTIES. Some dogs although, refuse to wear paw shoes. But for these ones, always make sure you use a paw protectant. A recommended one is the MUSHER’S SECRET to protect those precious paws. And always take note to wash those paws to remove any stuck snow or ice or any toxic chemicals and salts that may affect the dog’s health.


Although, some dog breeds like the Alaskan, malamutes, or the huskies and saint bernards, are perfectly suited for cold conditions. But many dogs will be safer and more comfortable with a coat or sweater or any warmer alternative from the elements. The dog’s condition should always be taken into consideration. Small dogs and dogs with short hair, those that are especially very young, very old, or with any illness or physical disability would limit their ability to keep themselves warm. And if the air outside is cold, but dry, you might opt for a cozy sweater. And actually a rain slicker or water resistant coat would be a better choice.


The trustworthiness of your dog does not even matter in this kind of scenario. Even though, you really trust your dog and would never run off. It is ideal to get a leash and never walk him in the winter weather without leash.

Because, the ice and snow on ground can actually make it difficult for a very lost dog to find its way back home. And the added limited visibility can even make it difficult for even others to see you. For additional protection in the winter, you can use a jogger’s leash or one that can also be clipped to your belt or over the shoulder to make it comfortable.

And this also adds the fact that if one should slip, there is really no risk of you dropping your leash.


It is always ideal to avoid all forms of dangers when walking your dog during the cold winter season. There are rules to follow pertaining to staying away from ponds, even when they appear completely frozen and unnoticeable.

Make sure to follow paths and sidewalks that are also familiar.  Avoid tree limbs and generally sharp objects. To avoid causing injury to your dog and also avoid driveways where antifreeze may have dripped.

Generally, stay clear of areas where chemicals might have been spilled especially in situations where your dog is not wearing dog booties or paw protectants.


This should not even be added. As it is the most ideal rule to follow for all dog owners. The importance of always listening to your dog in all situations cannot be underrated.

Some dogs make it obvious that they are not interested in going out, others may give subtle signs that they are uncomfortable with the environment. In any situation, where your dog appears to be shivering or shaking, or trying to pull back towards the house, do not force your dog to take the walk. J
ust take it back home and try an alternative indoors.

There are other methods of caring for your dog during the winter season. But always take note to adhere to general care routines, for the overall benefit of our precious dogs.




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