Discipline is a valuable asset, and when you teach dogs to have such, then you are one remarkable person. This short clip will show you how disclined these dogs are.

They are really smart as they know who their names are too. People have a hard time waiting for their turn, but these dogs are putting people to shame with their patience.

With a lot of dogs, it’s very easy for things to be chaotic and messy, but not for this place. They have trained their dogs to wait for their turn. They were taught to only get out of the gate when their names are called.


That’s pretty remarkable, and this video is very impressive. They have called out the dog’s name one by one. And one by one, they obediently went out of the gate.

While they have not been cold, they sit patiently looking at their owner until they are allowed to get out. Calling their names poses as permission to be able to come outside.

The end of the video is such a hilarious part as everyone was called, except for the last dog-Echo. Echo was not happy, and refused to look at his owner for being called last.

The others only took one call, and they would respond. It took a while for Echo as he was absorbing the bad feeling of being called last. When he finally realized that he really needed to get out of there or he will be the only one left.

The way he responded for being the last one to be called was hilarious and the one of the cutest thing you will ever see. These dogs are responding like humans, and it is incredible.

May people learn from these dogs how discipline can make everything easier and more organized.

Source The Dodo via Youtube



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