Know who saves you and appreciate everything they have done for you. This is what Russ did. He knows Kayla saved him, and he is forever grateful for her.

Kayla was volunteering at a shelter where she used to walk the dogs. Russ stood out for her as the other dogs were energetic and enjoyed barking, Russ was different. He would be sitting in a corner really quiet and just sits peacefully.

Kayla knew that Russ needed to be taken outside to get some fresh air, so Kayla brought Russ outside for a walk. After being together for about twenty minutes, Kayla knew she was adopting Russ.


It seemed a little challenging at first since Kayla had roommates, but it all worked out in the end. It was even her roommate who took a picture of Kayla and Russ that went viral.

The picture showed Russ hugging Kayla as if he was a human being too. This got thousands of likes. Beyond the likes and comments, Russ was loving his new life knowing that his mother will always love him.

It was also time for Russ to have a sibling. Kayla got Carson from the same shelter that she got Russ from. Carson is very timid and would keep to himself.

Russ was a big influence on Carson. When Carson arrived, he just underwent surgery. Russ went the extra mile to make him feel better.

He immediately laid on Carson, and that’s when Carson knew that this was his brother. The two has been inseparable ever since. You could say that Russ knows what Carson has been through, so he understands.

These two are lucky to have a mom who gave them a chance, a mom who would fight for them no matter how life is.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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