Mark Freely of Long Island, New York and his English Golden Retriever, Storm were out walking around the Long Island Sound at Port Jefferson when the dog suddenly jumped into the water. Mark, a personal injury lawyer, soon realized his dog was attempting to save a baby deer from drowning! He caught the dramatic rescue on the video shown below.

In July of 2017, Storm took his name literally and stormed into the sound to save the fawn from a terrible fate. Storm’s owner said he grabbed the deer by the neck and brought it to shore. The 3-month-old fawn got up after a bit, ran off, then collapsed in the sand. Storm ran after the deer. Mark said that his dog was giving the deer a few nudges and pulled to see if it was all right.


A member of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League responded to a call about the baby deer. The fawn was confused and frightened, and after getting up again, it ran back into the water. Strong was urged to go back in and rescue the deer, but it was too far out.

The member of the Animal Rescue, Frank Floridia,  went in after the baby deer. Another member of the team ran over to help. With a rope, they were able to get the deer back on dry land.

Deer can swim, but this fawn was very young and had been separated from its mother, so it was frightened and full of anxiety.

The deer was transported to a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation clinic. It was treated for subcutaneous emphysema, a condition where trapped air is under the skin.

roe deer, fawn, kitz

When the baby deer made a full recovery, it was released into the wild in September.

As a reward for his heroic efforts, six-year-old Storm took a trip to the local doggy bakery, where he picked out a bag of homemade doggy cookies.

Video credit Inside Edition YouTube Channel

Photo credit Inside Edition YouTube Channel screencap

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