Military dogs have been known to work alongside our troops even before World War II and are regarded as a valuable team member for the armed forces.

Right now, there are around 2,500 Military dogs, and some of them are deployed overseas and expected to work until they are 12 years old. But when they can no longer perform their duties due to their old age, injury, or illness and they retire early.

Military dogs are regarded as tools, and retired dogs are left behind, or euthanized. But thanks to ‘Robby’s Law,’ retired dogs are no longer euthanized or left behind. This law enables their handler to have them adopted and live their remaining lives like an average dog.


The adoption was made possible by American Humane helped Sgt. Adam Wylie and his partner Emra to reunite.

For two years, Sgt. Adam Wylie was Emra’s handler while deployed in South Korea.

Sgt. Adam recalled the day before he got sent overseas. He said, 25 days after his daughter was born he got orders deploying him in overseas and Emra helped him to cope with his depression.

He recalled feeling sad and wanting to go home to be with his family. He said that Emra became his emotional support, and with her help, he was able to perform his duties.

After two years of deployment, he was sent back home while Emra stayed behind to perform her duties. For three years the two were apart, but Sgt. Adam never forgot Emra and would often think of his partner most of the time.

When he got the news about Emra retiring at the age of nine-years-old, it’s no surprise when he immediately signed up to have her adopted. The American Humane who paid for and arranged everything for Sgt. Adam and Emra.

Sgt. Adam got emotional upon reuniting with Emra. She will be living her remaining years surrounded by the people who love her.

Credits to Local 12 WKRC-TV



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