Are you one of those who have their hearts broken with the sight of a homeless dog so you give it a piece of your bread or perhaps a slice of your steak?

Almost anyone will pity a stray dog just like how you’d feel for a homeless man so the reaction becomes automatic; you provide food.  But sometimes, you really just can’t help but think twice.  And other times, you really have to think twice.

A dog owner residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma called out her own dog in a Facebook post for deceiving people at the local McDonald’s store into handing her food.


Princess, as her owner calls her, was caught red handed – hhmnn.. red pawed, rather – by her mom, Betsy Reyes, at the local McDonald’s store begging for food.

Here’s how Reyes’s FB post looked like.

Reyes even called Princess a gold digger and made it clear that her dog is not a stray.  Photos were also posted as ‘evidence’ of the latter’s doing.

Decided to catch Princess in the act, Reyes drove to McDonald’s one night and found her pooch sitting tight, waiting for her “happy meal”.  A few steps away, while filming in a video; a woman was captured reaching out of the car window throwing some food to Princess.

After witnessing how her dog cons people, Reyes pulled up and showed up to Princess while in her car.  As soon as she presented herself near the drive–thru area, Princess recognized her and the pooch started wagging her tail.

Whether Princess’s tail wags were due to happiness and excitement of seeing her mom or in humiliation of getting caught in the act for scamming people, no one knows.  But we can all agree that Princess sure has the ability capture someone’s heart.

Video Credits: Youtube Channel SlideShow ForFun



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