Labradors are known for being intelligent and trainability. They are an ideal pet for a family with children due to their chill temperament. Also, they get along well with other breeds of dogs.

They are energetic pups who need a lot of exercises to prevent them from destroying things inside the house. Labrador’s are also known for being extremely friendly and company loving breed. But in spite of their friendliness, they are also known to be protective of their family and homes.

Johny Boy a black Labrador; is now regarded by his family as their hero.


Officer Jeff Gonzalez was doing his rounds and noticed John boy who appeared to be distraught. He clearly remembers him barking frantically and was jumping up and down as if trying to get his attention.

Officer Jeff noticed John Boy’s collar and thought that he was lost. He tried to approach the frantic dog, but John Boy moved away from him and started running and signaling the officer to follow his lead.

The officer who was confused at the moment was able to catch Johny Boy’s signal and followed the dog’s lead. There he saw Krystal, John Boy’s owner, lying on the ground unresponsive.

According to Officer Jeff, it was 3 degrees cold outside, and Krystal was lying on the floor only wearing her pajamas. He immediately called for the paramedics took Krystal in the hospital.

It wasn’t clear as to why Krystal lost consciousness, but her family was thankful to the officer who helped them save Krystal’s life. But Officer Jeff gives all the credit to their dog Johny Boy. He said, if it weren’t for their dog, he wouldn’t be able to help Krystal.

I’m sure John Boy got a lot of treats and love that day.

Watch the video below:

Video source: via YouTube



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