Molly, a three-year-old pup, always makes sure that everyone she gets to meet feels welcome. And there are plenty of opportunities for her at the Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA), the nonprofit organization in Wingate, North Carolina that dedicates its works in caring for neglected, abused, and/or abandoned horses.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, goat, pig, or a horse, the sweet Golden retriever adores them all. So the day Sammie, a silver dapple mini horse, came to the shelter, Molly instantly knew someone’s going to need her help. And she was right.


Sammie was awfully skinny when animal control officers found him. He drifted from one street to another in South Carolina. And the officers instantly knew the neglected horse is in dire need of help.

At the vet’s clinic, it was revealed that Sammie was 100 pounds underweight, had a painful dental disease, and a birth defect that caused issues on his back legs. And the amount of time and money necessary to treat him were substantial. The vet even suggested that if no rescue will take him in, it is better to put Sammie out of his misery.

Photo Credits to Darlene Kindle via The Dodo

Kindle was contacted in hopes that she’d be able to help find Sammie a home. In turn, she called the clinic and asked about Sammie’s chances should he receive treatment.

“I asked a bunch of questions. The last one was, ‘Does he have the will to live?’” said Kindle. “The vet said yes so I agreed to take him in. If he is willing enough to fight, I’d be happy to help him.”

Soon enough, Sammie came to the shelter. And as always, Molly was there to welcome him. But the miniature horse was too busy munching his tasty meal to notice Molly. So later that day, Molly had a sequel visit to her new friend’s pen.

That time, Kindle was also out and witnessed how Molly just walked straight to Sammie. Luckily, she had her phone to capture that sweet moment. Here it is:

Hey everyone. I have to tell all of you never in a million years did I expect this little video to have so much popularity. I just put it out there with no caption so let me add a little background to this. This is Molly my 3 year old golden retriever who was a gift from my dad. She is my second golden and I just love their personalities. Always happy and Molly is your typical Walmart greater. She loves everyone including all the animals we have on the farm. She especially loves the minis she can reach them much easier. Sammy the mini that she is comforting just came into CERA’s program. He is nothing but skin and bones and scared. Molly truly has an exceptional sense of knowing when one of the animals doesn’t feel good or sad. So she very gently introduces herself. This is her job and she is very good at it as you can see. Please follow Sammy’s progress on our Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance page. Sammy has a long ride of rehab to go and I will keep everyone informed.

Posted by Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance on Monday, August 6, 2018

Video Credits to Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance

“It’s like Molly was telling Sammie, ‘It’s gonna be ok, you’re gonna be ok,’” said Kindle. “She comforted her and made sure he’s happy to be here.”

“Molly has a truly exceptional sense of knowing when an animal is sad or not feeling good. She introduces herself gently. That’s her job and she does it very well.”



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