For most of us, Halloween is the second-best time of the year. It’s that one day you can dress up who or whatever you want to be.

For us adults, this holiday means parties and pretty much an excuse to dress up silly to attend a party. But for kids, it means trick or treating, free candies, and an opportunity to be the person who they look up to.

A little girl in Virginia named Maggie decided to be an astronaut for Halloween, but not just any astronaut, she wanted to be a Leland Melvin, a NASA astronaut.


Leland Melvin is an engineer and a retired astronaut from NASA and was a mission specialist for the Space Shuttle Atlantis back in 2008.

During his time in NASA, they were required to have his portrait taken. He decided to include his two adopted dogs, Jake and Scout. He said that his two adopted dogs taught him to go with the flow and to enjoy the unexpected.

Melvin’s photo in a space suit together with his dogs quickly went viral and was loved by many people, including Maggie. His picture with his dogs inspired Maggie to be an astronaut with a dog, just like Melvin.

So when Halloween came, Maggie’s father, Andrew Miller, asked his four-year-old daughter as to whom she wanted to be for Halloween.

To his surprise, Maggie answered, “That funny astronaut” referring to Melvin’s portrait with his dogs. He took a photo of Maggie, wearing an astronaut costume along with their family dog. Miller shared Maggie’s photo on his Twitter account and quickly went viral.

Melvin also caught up with Maggie’s photo and left a comment on how he was deeply touched and appreciate Maggie’s choice for her Halloween costume.

I hope Maggie becomes a real astronaut someday!

Credits to Andrew Miller



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