If in case your dog ingests something toxic, do you know what to do? Of course you’ll contact your vet, but do you know the first aids necessary. Here are some of the items that are toxic and normally causes dog poisoning and their first aids, if any.


Dogs can acquire this through regular household items like batteries and cleaning fluids or powders.  Two things can happen, either your dog gets skin burns from contact with an acid, or he might ingest it. For acid burns you want to clean it with baking soda and water solution.

If ingested, make your dog drink milk, milk of magnesia (1 tsp for every 5 lbs. of body weight), or solution of water and baking soda. Do not make your dog vomit, it will only burn your dog’s mouth and esophagus more. Make sure to contact your vet immediately.



This happens when your dog ingests alcoholic beverages, alcohol based perfumes, hand sanitizer, and aftershaves. Your dog will suffer from throwing up, dehydration, fainting spells, and death. If your dog is still conscious you can induce your dog to vomit.

Give him a 1 tablespoon of a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (1:1 ratio) mixed with 1 teaspoon of ipecac syrup. Then give him crushed activated charcoal. The charcoal will absorb any remaining toxins in your dog’s stomach. Call your vet immediately. If your dog is unconscious, rush him to the vet ASAP.


Alkaline based cleaners and solvents are toxic to dogs when ingested and they can burn the skin as well. So make sure to keep them in areas that your dog does not have access to. Keep them locked in a safe place, away from both your dog and your kids, if you have them.

In case of burns, you’ll notice it around them mouth and your dog’s skin, just wash the burned area with water then a solution of vinegar and water. The vinegar and water solution will help neutralize the alkali that’s causing the damage.

If your dog ingested the alkali based cleanser or solvent, do NOT make your dog vomit, it will just cause more damage to his mouth and esophagus. Give your dog a mix of evaporated milk and 50% lemon juice or vinegar. This will help neutralize the alkali. Then take him to the vet for a more comprehensive treatment.


If you have clumsy hands and keeps dropping your medications, make sure to pick those up and dispose them where your dog won’t be able to access them. Each type of medication will have different effect on dogs. But all of them are toxic. So make sure to bring your dog to the vet immediately.

For poisoning caused by medication, make sure to get your dog to vomit. You can do this by giving 1 teaspoon of ipecac or 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and water (1:1) solution. If your dog becomes unconscious take him to the vet immediately.

If it’s aspirin that your dogs ingested, induce him to vomit as mentioned above then give him milk and crushed activated charcoal. Make sure to keep your dog conscious, and contact your vet or take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Other common toxic items for dogs

If your dog ingests chocolates, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and food with xylitol – call your vet immediately for instructions.

There are a lot more things that are toxic to your pet. The key here is to keep all toxic things away from your dog’s reach.



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