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Even as humans, we are sometimes startled by sudden or persistent loud noises. So it is actually nothing out of the ordinary for your beloved pet to be afraid of loud noises. So is your dog afraid of loud noises? This is the ideal article for you to check for useful insights on how to effectively manage your dog, if it is actually afraid of loud noises. Actually, some dogs get startled, run around, go hide, or even continuously bark when they hear something very loud. Which can be very disturbing. And the source of loud noises can be from gunshots, heavy machinery, engine or horn sounds, firecrackers and all.

Your dog getting startled by loud sounds may be a function of the environment the dog grew up in. some dogs grew up in very quiet environments. And so sudden introduction to a very loud environment with all the attendant sounds and distractions can be very disturbing. And this can also be linked to dogs that grew up in mostly enclosed places. Shelters, and small places which have these dogs lacking socialization skills. Meanwhile, this is opposite for dogs who already grew up in already noisy places. Cities, and all with the daily hustle and bustle. Which may make them already used to loud noises.

Hence, for the dogs who are afraid of loud noises, here are some ways by which you can get your dog used to them.



One of the main principal steps is to train your dog not to respond to these very disturbing noises. And this involves getting your dog to get over the fear of the noise and sound. One of the best ways of getting through with this is to make your dog at home with your dog. Record the sound it is afraid of, and consistently play the sounds at low levels to make the dog used to it. But this should be done in a very gentle way not by force.


This is different from desensitization. Though it also involves making the dog used to the sound. It has been noted that when a do consistently hears a noise from time to time, it will only simply get tired of it and lose interest in it. Such as the same behavior exhibited, when it plays with the same toys or eats the same food over and over again. And getting your pet baby used to these noises can lessen its stress and stimuli over time.


This actually involves getting the dog to actually grow to like the noise. And this is usually done by relating the noises and sounds to dog treats. For instance, dogs used for hunting, and usually trained with the sound of gunshots. When you do this, over time the dog tends to like the sound as the same sound also signals the arrival of the wanted treat.


This is actually not an ideal thing to do, when your dog is reacting to those sounds. This does not sound normal. But trust it is for the best. Because, comforting will help re – enforce its behavior and make it learn to always seek comfort from you when the distressing noise comes.


 This means that or involves the dog being treated for setbacks. As there may also be times where the dog has to be specially treated for setbacks and the many times where the dog tends to revert back to his old habits, so you might actually need to go over the above tips and make ample use of them. Do not despair, setbacks are usually not really common. And ideally under normal circumstances, your fur’s baby’s fear will wear off as time goes on.

Actually, in the case of managing this condition, in case of the use of medication. Medication use can actually worsen the situation as most medications are sedatives and may make dogs more frightened and even hamper its brain from reacting in the normal way that it should.  Recent research developments have also revealed that there are some homeopathic remedies that has actually been successful.

So in relation to the above question, if your dog is afraid of loud noises? Is yes. We sure hope that the shared tips above help you to help your dog respond well to these common disturbing sounds. And most times, when caring for your dog when these situations arises, the first thing should be to care for your dog in the best way possible. By making use of places where your pet naturally relaxes. And another useful hack, is to distract your dog by playing other sounds of music or some other white noise to block the scary and disturbing sounds. Ways by which you make your pet attach the noise to cool fun moments.



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