We want to cuddle and play with our dogs all day long. However, this is not possible as we have to work and earn some money. For this reason, this article lists some tips to help you keep your dog entertained while you’re busy or away from home.

Make your dog sweat

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Before leaving for work, consider taking your dog for a walk. Especially if your dog has a high level of energy, it is good for them to have a walk for around half an hour to release that energy. This will also help your dog to sleep for a few hours after you leave home.


Don’t leave your dog in a crate

If you are not at home for long hours, your dog will be so much bored alone inside a crate. This may also lead to some behavioral problems if done often. Your dog needs some exercise and even some space where he can eliminate. What you can do is contain him in a small area, making sure that he has some food, water, and toys.

Leave him with a treat puzzle

Another way of keeping your dog entertained is to let him play with a treat puzzle. Doing so will also help to divert his attention away from your absence and therefore prevent separation anxiety.

Track your dog

There are GPS collars which alert pet owners when their pet is out of the assigned safe area. A GPS collar is beneficial particularly if you’re worried that your dog might get out of your yard.

Chat with your dog

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You are probably doubtful about this one, but it can work. How? Well, you just have to set up a Skype account for your pet and leave the computer on at home. Make sure to enable the auto-answer feature.



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