We all know how disappointing it is to see other dog owners not cleaning up after their dog and letting the poo stink away. This is distressful especially when this happens in a public area where dogs are allowed to roam around socialize with other dogs as well. You have shopping malls; you have the dog park and other places where dogs are allowed on the premises.

Cleaning up after your dog is a responsibility you should have prepared for. It’s just as simple as bringing your own plastic bag, picking it up and tossing it into the trash. However, turns out, there is a lot of more eco-friendly ways you can dispose of your dog’s poop. Read on to find out more.

Purchase biodegradable poop bags

We all know how plastic bags destroy our environment. It takes more than a hundred years to decompose it and its use adds up to what we call the greenhouse effect.


This contributes to what we all call global warming. Instead of opting to use your regular plastic bags (the ones that you obtained from grocery shops), you can purchase biodegradable poop bags. With this, no plastic bags are used. Plus, it can decompose in no time.

The use of flushable poop bags

If you don’t want dog poop piling up in your garbage cans and smelling until the garbage truck comes down. Flush it in your toilet with the help of flushable poop bags. It goes directly through your state’s sewer line and it leaves no smelly residue behind.

This way you can keep your hands clean while avoiding clogging your toilet with other materials.

Going for waste digesters

In the market, you have an existing brand of waste digester like Doogie Dooley that you can put your dog’s poop in. It’s like the size of a regular bucket. Put your dog poop in the bucket and bury it. Once a week put essential enzymes and water in it and the dog poo liquefies, therefore returning back to the soil.

The classic compost pit

There is a proper procedure as to how you can make a compost pit at your backyard. You can search for it online or consult your state’s environmentalist groups to help you out when making one. This is by far the best choice for those families that have a yard and is constantly looking for a place to dump their dog’s poo and other biodegradable items.

Note that each of the options here is limited or may be affected with the lifestyle you have. For example, if you live in a high-rise condominium and throwing your dog’s poo isn’t a viable choice (as it may smell), you can choose to have it flushed down the toilet.

Or if you have a yard but compost pits are not a feasible choice because the area might have restrictions about it, you can opt to use waste digesters. As long as you practice responsible ownership and cleaning up after your dog, you’re off to a great start.



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