One way or another, all of us are going to adulthood but not most of us may reach to our senior years. These are the years that we feel different in our bodies. These are the times that we are no longer active physically. Our body cycles are not functioning similarly before during younger years. Some will be forgetful. Some will experience aches in their bodies. Some will have grey hair. Some will lose their teeth. Some may need another person to rely on when they wanted to stand and even walk. Those are just the common examples or signs that a person is already on their advanced age.

We may accept the changes or not, but that is the reality of life. We cannot escape old age unless we passed away too soon. On the other hand, being a senior means you are mature and experienced enough compared to all of the other ages. That means you’ve been through everything they are going through in all the stages of their lives.

As pet owners and dog lovers alike, we are so fond with being with our dogs that we don’t even realize that they are also reaching senior years. As we all know, life expectancy of a dog is very different from humans. Sometimes we forget that our dogs are already givings signs of old age but we often overlook it because we are so excited to have them in our lives.


We should always be sensitive to our pets as well. Though they may not really show it but we need to know the signs that they are already approaching their senior years.

Below are some of the signs we can look for:

1. Gray hair

Just what I’ve mentioned, one of the signs of old age is having a gray hair. Like humans, dogs’ hair get grayish too when they get old. With this sign, you can now expect other changes happening too.

2. Unforeseen joint pains

During old age, you may see your dog limping while walking. You may see them excruciating with pain when you ask them to jump. Their feet might be too heavy for them to carry. They may not jump around with you anymore like they used to because they are in pain. Lessen the duration of your outdoor activities during this period of time. You may consult your vet for supplements too.

3. Eating disorder

During old age, teeth are that not strong anymore. Our dogs may suffer orally because they may have loose tooth already so their eating habits will gradually change. Their sense of taste and smell will also be affected thus change of appetite will likely occur. Consult your vet for any other options so your pet will stay healthy and fit.

4. They tend to sleep more

Older dogs wanted to rest more rather than roam around and be active. They will not be as jolly as before when they jump out of lying when they see you. It may also take a while for them to get up in the morning because their bodies need more time to rest. You may want to get them more comfortable space in the house where they can get more time to sleep.

5. Change in their body temperature

Senior dogs cannot control their body temperatures anymore. It is hard for them to regulate it now when they are older. You may have to adapt to these changes like giving them a thicker winter wardrobe or turning on fan for them during hotter days.




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