There are experiences in life that can make or break a person. In this case, Pam Portia’s terrible accident made her find her calling. She was 17-years-old when she was involved in a car accident. When the car caught fire the teenager was badly burned.

A few years went by, Pam had the unfortunate experience to meet a puppy that was badly burned. Its injuries were so severe that the pup died. Apparently, the 2-month-old puppy was set on fire just for the fun by a group of partiers. Pam knows how it feels to be burned. She tried to help the pup but to no avail.

Pam decided then and there what to do. Eventually, Pam became the manager of the Animal Care Network in Michigan.


Pam’s first rescue – approximately two decades ago, was a puppy. It was stuck on a snowbank. It made a very huge impact on Pam.

During the interview, Pam believed she had made the right decision in rescuing animals, adding “they were at the right place at the right time”. Pam and the rest of the team realized that animals need help and its happening all over their city.

The Animal Care Network has worked closely with several outreach groups in offering low cost for spaying and neutering. They have also helped individuals with dog food, a dog kennel, and sometimes even provide transportation assistance for vet visits.

The video below shows one of Pam’s rescues along with her team.


According to Pam, it’s the dogs that thought her about compassion. She had seen abused and neglected dogs, still wagging their tails after seeing their abusers. In spite of the abuse these dogs still love their owners. Pam believed we humans can learn a lot from our four-legged friends.

Pam chose to use her terrible accident as a motivation to help. She chose to thrive. Now she and her team have helped thousands of abused and neglected dogs to their loving forever home.

Source World Animal Awareness Society via YouTube






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