Some people may see dogs are mere pets. However, they are a vital part of our society. They are naturally smart and loving. They are also capable of doing extraordinary things like detecting sickness.

Macayla Gardner suffered from a very terrible injury. A horse accidentally kicked her. This caused Macayla to suffer from seizures from time to time.


Good thing her doctor thought of something brilliant. He asked Macayla if she has a dog who acts weird whenever she’s about to have a seizure. Fortunately, Macayla already has Ryder.

Her doctor advised Macayla to train Ryder to be a service dog. But he was just a little pooch that time. She was unsure if Ryder would be able to learn everything that she needed to teach him.

Macayla has prior experience in training dogs, but not in training them to be a service dog. She got scared of the big task that she has to teach him. But Ryder didn’t fail her.

After intensive training, Ryder was finally ready for his new job. He quickly learned since he’s such a smart dog. He knows how to respond quickly.

Now, Ryder knows when to help Macayla. He can sense whenever there’s a hormonal imbalance in her body. Macayla can tell whenever she will have a seizure because Ryder will start to act weird.

Ryder knows where her medicines are located. He can fetch it for her too. Whenever he senses that Macayla will have a seizure, he already knows what to do.

Ryder can also get her somewhere safe whenever she has a seizure. He will not leave her side until she’s fine again. He just wants to be there for her.

Ryder gave Macayla the chance to live her life in a safe, normal way. He just wants to help her and be around her. He has saved her life countless times.

Ryder makes Macayla’s life easier with him around. Their bond is unbreakable. Ryder’s love for her is unconditional.

Credits: servicedogryder, The Dodo



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