In this article, we gathered some surprising facts about dogs that you probably have never heard before.

A dog’s smell center is 40 times larger than ours

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You might already know how excellent a dog’s sense of smell is. The reason behind this is that dogs have millions of olfactory receptors. To give you an idea, our nose only has 5 million, while our dearest dogs can have up to 300 million receptors. This is why dogs are very useful in sniffing out bombs, illegal drugs, and so on.


Every nose is unique

Just as how our fingerprints are unique, so are dog’s noses. If you examine your pooch’s nose closely, you will see that there is a pattern of lines and creases. Every dog’s noseprint is like no other.

Dogs also dream

Dogs do dream like humans, and you know they are dreaming when they twitch during sleep. Also, small breeds tend to dream more often than large breeds of dogs. According to some research, dogs have a sleeping pattern that is almost the same as that of humans.

Wagging of the tail has meanings

Different kinds of tail wagging have different meanings. For example, when your dog wags his tail low, it can mean that your dog lacks confidence. Also, when they wag their tail rapidly, it might mean that the dog is aggressive at this time.

Only their paws have sweat glands

Dogs only sweat via their paw pads. No need to worry though! A dog’s primary way of cooling himself down is through panting.

Newborn puppies are deaf and blind

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According to experts, newborn pups are not yet fully developed. Their eyes and ear canal are still closed when they are born. Usually, they start to open their eyes and hear things at around two weeks of age.



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