Basketball is a difficult sport – and with minimal practice, it’s almost impossible for anybody to shoot that ball high up in the air and make it go inside the hoop. And what makes it even more difficult, is that basketball requires perfect coordination and teamwork.

A player could be good at aiming and shooting balls, but without an excellent teammate, the former’s skills won’t be as useful as it’s supposed to be. And for good teamwork to work, it requires practice.

Max Pearce is already good at dunking. In fact, during the 2018 College Dunk Contest, he threw an alley-oop with just one hand, while filming himself with the other – certainly a jaw-dropping feat. However, it’s not just Max who has insane basketball skills.


Koa, a German Shepherd dog owned by a friend of Max, is also an interesting player. Whenever Max doesn’t have anybody to play basketball with, Koa is almost always willing to give him a hand (or a paw).

Down below, you will find a video that was taken in Yonkers, New York. In this video, you will see Koa passing the ball to Max, who in turn will try to do an alley-oop and shoot the ball right in the middle of the hoop. Other than Max’s dunk, Koa’s impressive pass through the mouth has taken the internet by storm.

Who would have thought of Koa, a dog, to learn how to perfectly pass basketballs with her mouth?

It might sound absurd, but Koa’s the real deal! Pair it with Max’s insane skills, and you’ve got an extremely talented duo.

Press the play button below, and be amazed at this duo’s unbelievable talent:

Max Pearce is rumored to have signed up for the Harlem Globetrotters, but did Koa earn a spot as well?

Source @maxwellpearce via Twitter 



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