When one goes off to college, it takes a while for them to be able to come back home. But when they do, it is one of the sweetest reunions. Victoria Gomez is very close to her dogs.

She has considered them to be her soul mate. Echo, her first dog, is very close to her that he follows her around everywhere. He would also sleep with her on her bed.

This was how close they were. Victoria went away to college in New York for six months and have been very lonely without her dogs. She is looking forward to seeing them when she gets home.


Victoria’s second dog is Toto. Toto is a very shy and timid dog. When Victoria was playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz play, they thought of having Toto play as Toto. They were a little doubtful if he is good for the role since he was so shy.

When Toto came on stage, he seemed to be a different dog as he just loves the attention and the stage. He played Toto pretty well and to do it with Victoria is extra special for them both.

Toto was very patient as she waited for Victoria to come home. Echo was different. He would check Victoria’s room every night as if checking to see if Victoria has come back home.

It’s a sad thing to see, but very sweet too. He really misses his sister. So when they see each other again for the first time in six months, it was the sweetest reunion as they could not stop giving Victoria kisses.

It was as if Victoria has never left. They are still as close as ever. And these sweet and loving dogs are lucky to have a sister that will forever be thinking of them.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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