Not all people have a heart for dogs. Some leave dogs behind like they are some kind of trash that they can dispose of any time they want. This was exactly what happened to St. Vincent.

When St. Vincent was found, he was inside a trash bag with tape wrapped around his mouth. No one knows how long St. Vincent has been waiting there to be rescued. But one thing is for sure; he was very sad and weak. Just imagine being left without food and water. It must’ve been so hard.


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After getting rescued, everyone rallied around St. Vincent. They immediately rushed him to Brooklyn’s nearest hospital. The rescuers and doctors did their best to get him the best treatment. Surprisingly, St. Vincent was so calm during the process.

After all the things that he had been through, he was still very trusting to people. It looked like he’s not even holding grudges. He was showing them that he still wants to fight.

The first day that he was rescued, he can’t even stand on his own. He was too weak. Day after day, he was slowly showing progress. He’s showing a little brightness on his face.

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After a few days, St. Vincent started moving his head little by little. He was gaining his strength back and was already eating regularly. The day came when, finally, St. Vincent could stand up on his own.

When someone told Carla Mohan that St. Vincent was finally walking, they knew that he was ready to go to his foster home. She immediately took him and brought him home. Carla introduced St. Vincent to all the animals inside her house, and they all liked him.

St. Vincent was thrilled to meet everyone. He even met his new girlfriend, Enaya, the pittie. Enaya seems to be very smitten with her new boyfriend. She’s very clingy.

St. Vincent is now happily moving on from the trauma that he has been though. He will never have to be alone again.

Credit: Tanya’s Rocks, Saint Vincent “Chenz”



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