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Reluctant labrador puppy dog getting its vermicide medication - sititng on the examination desk at the veterinary doctor office


The basic act of deworming started in a bid to adequately feed well, and improve the general quality of living. And this in-fact also applies to humans. But the main focus of this compilation, is to show you the best ways of deworming your special pet.

Show you the best alternatives to helping your dog expel these parasitic nightmares. According to foremost dog experts, the essential starting point for the prevention and treatment of worms, is first of all a very healthy diet. As mentioned earlier, though some of these worms are parasitic in nature, in that they share nutrients with your dog and still cause further injuries, Some are actually symbiotic in nature.


In that they exist in the dog gut by pairing symbiotically, and further providing additional benefits. But these types can actually become dangerous when they gradually over time, increase in number without a suitable mechanism to reduce them to tolerable levels from time to time.

A very healthy diet actually helps to provide a well-balanced intestinal environment which prevent diseases including parasite infestations. According to the foremost website,, recent research has linked the gut bacteria, an example of a symbiotic organism mentioned earlier to many health conditions which affect our beloved and cherished pets.

In their whole entirety, dog worms are mostly considered as a nightmarish experience. It is very unlikely, to find a dog owner that has not any experience with worms. They are actually a great deal and they can be very harmful to your beloved dog.

And there is ample need to get rid of them very fast. And this provides you an insight into how you can do this in the best natural ways possible. And without having to use those conventional drugs that can be very harsh, and also come with their nasty side effects.

The doginton post, recommends a treatment combination of homeopathic and natural or herbal de-wormers. And it also further lends credence to the earlier mentioned fact, that conventional chemical de-wormers are mostly chemical based pesticides containing carcinogens and toxins that are harmful, suppressive and also builds up in the system over time.

Before we continue, there is need for us to highlight some of the symptoms to look out for in the case of the suspicion of a parasitic infestation. And they include;

  1. Apparent or gradual weight loss
  2. Voracious appetite with no weight gain. (this has the potential to waste resources used in taking care of our beloved pets)
  3. Mild to severe coughing.
  4. Scratching at the base of their tail.
  5. Anemia (low red blood cell count, in clinical scenarios)

In addition to these symptoms above, there is need to have an insight into the types of worms that can affect dogs an even cats. With a possible extension to humans. They include;

  1. The roundworm (ascaris)
  2. Tapeworm
  3. Trichinella (this causes trichinosis)
  4. Hookworms

These worms can be described as looking like spaghetti, your dog feeling lethargic and may also look pot-bellied, and can be the cause of diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting as in roundworms.

And they may also look flat and about 6 inches long as in the tapeworm or like the hookworm, be accompanied with a hook with which it attaches to the intestinal lining.

All these in a bid to increase awareness about the appearance of these worms and foster identification.

in some very rare cases, in case of very severe infestation, one may have to treat with chemical de-worming formula. But in this case, be sure to change the dog’s diet. Still emphasizing the importance of good diet to preventing these common maladies.

Generally, natural de-worming remedies that has been tested and trusted over time, includes the following;


The addition of fresh foods, grated carrots, papaya, shredded coconut, fennel, all freshly and healthily prepared would make your pet’s gut less attractive to worms.



Raw, fresh organic pumpkin seeds can help to prevent or help in the expulsion of these gross creatures. One can decide to feed them as a very nice treat, or grind them and place them in his dish. It is advisable to at least give a teaspoon per ten pounds of your pet’s weight.

  1. GARLIC;

Garlic has been found to help build and boost the immune system, and also help fight worms and other parasitic menaces.

Even recent scientific studies, has found garlic to be as just effective as the well-known de-wormer ivermectin. About a half clove to two cloves daily is recommended.

But this is dependent on your dog’s weight. But a special note to distinguished readers is the fact that garlic is strongly contraindicated in dogs on blood thinners such as warfarin (rat poison)

  3. FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and some other examples.

There is generally ample aims at the best possible ways of maintaining the best of health for our beloved dogs.

Abstaining generally from those factors that has been known to influence the lifespan of these organisms of economic importance. Generally avoiding antibiotics and processed commercial foods, is a start towards making this work.






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