In Cleveland, a dog was seen dangling from the second floor. Good thing, a police officer was able to save him.

The incident was captured on a video camera. The clip shows how a dog was rescued dangling on the balcony’s second floor last Saturday evening.

The owner left him outside the balcony tied on a leash. Unfortunately, the pooch jumped and ended up dangling over the balcony’s railing.


A woman living on the first floor saw the incident and called 911 for help. The pup was dying, hanging on the second floor. It looks like he’s choking, she said. She called the police to ask for help.

Michael Phelps, a patrol officer, together with his partner was near the place. They immediately headed to where the dog was.

The poor pup was clawing for his life, Phelps mentioned. He went to the porch and grabbed the pup and placed it on his shoulders.

Phelps was a huge dog lover. He wanted to make sure that the dog is safe. He just hopes that the poor pup will be okay.
Few other officers arrived. They successfully secured the dog, and they managed to get it down uninjured.

The dog and another dog which was living on the same home was brought to the city kennel. Officials at the kennels said that the incident would be investigated. The Animal Protective League are helping with the case.

The owners mentioned that they give the dogs up for adoption. Phelps was so happy hearing the news. He added, he wants to adopt the two dogs. He’s also excited that he can add another family member at home.

Hopefully, Phelps gets to keep the dogs. If not, we wish to see the pups sent out to a new loving family and a forever home.

Huge thanks to CBSDFW for delivering this news.



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