Although dog fighting became outlawed in 1976, the enforcement was not very strict. Fortunately, as more and more illegal activities are linked to dog fighting, authorities have worked together to combat serious animal violations.

Understandably, stray dogs have the most tragic story to tell. They are often seen wandering looking for a safe place to sleep or scavenge for food. They are left with very little hope of ever living a life they truly deserve.

Dogs become homeless because of several circumstances. It can be because they were abandoned, because of irresponsible breeders or abusive owners. But sometimes they can become stray and worst, terrified, as a result of dog fighting.


Dogs used for this bloody ‘sport’ are raised in isolation. They spend their lives in heavy chains. Although it’s not usually to the death, still dogs sustained injuries that many succumb later. Dogs that are losing are often executed or discarded.

Some are also used as bait dogs, and some are used as breeders – as was the case in this story. The Michigan Humane Society’s Cruel Investigations is a team that works hard in locating these animals. When these dogs are deemed worthless by their owners, they are often killed or abandoned.

So when suspicious activity is reported in of the Detroit neighborhood, Animal Officers Mark Ramos and David McLeod immediately head out to investigate. Upon their arrival, they were horrified with what they found.

There were several dogs on the property. They don’t have any shelter or food, and worst of all the dogs were exposed to live wires. The cops also discovered that the dogs are covered with scars and injuries which suggest that they were used as bait dogs. Watch the rescue below.


The dogs were wary of the rescuers. They were terrified and tried to fight when they were transported to the vet. Although the dogs may have a terrible start at life, they are now lucky to be rescued.

Source World Animal Awareness Day via YouTube



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