Some people swear by fur parenting as a good precursor or preparation for human parenting. Beyond that, some of the dogs can actually turn into wonderful babysitters or helpers as their dog owners navigate the new world of parenting. This is really great news for most dog lovers who want to get their furry family members more involved with the latest addition to the family.

Take a look at how these sweet dogs are able to assist in caring for their own babies and their human mommy and daddy’s offspring:


Animal Parents

Parenting knows no species! 💕

Posted by Try Not to Laugh on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Source: Try Not to Laugh’s The Pet Collective via Facebook

Celebrating life’s goodness with a fur baby and a human baby is a handful for new parents. But this is a wonderful and rewarding setup full of laughter and light. Can you imagine this beautiful time in the world where now you can get actual parenting help from your pets?

Some dog owners even narrate that protection can begin as early as pregnancy. When a dog or cat can sense this pregnancy before the ultrasound that a mommy dog owner is about to give birth or undergoing some serious physical changes, it can adapt and become extra careful.

Love’s language indeed knows no barriers no matter what the species. It also takes a lot of trust and adjustment on the part of our doggy family members to welcome a new baby with open arms. Some particularly territorial breeds may not be very happy at first with the new addition to the family. But, in general, furbabies are actually smarter and more welcoming than most people give them credit for.

Please note that not all breeds are suitable for helping with child-rearing activities. Some types of dogs like helping out and being extra patient on kids. Make sure you know the temperament of your dog before you engage it on some new relationship with a tiny toddler or baby.

When you do find that balance between making your fur baby participate in taking care of your kids, all the hard work is certainly worth the wait, as seen in this video!



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